How It Works

What if there were an automotive marketing program that provided all of the benefits of display advertising with the ROI of Search Marketing?

Now there is. Introducing Liquidus U-Turn.

The three-part solution to selling more cars.

How It Works

Car Shoppers come to your site and third-party auto sites.

The shopper is identified and your ad inventory is served to virtually every web site in existence.

Shoppers are returned to your standard, mobile and Facebook sites.

Part One
Bannerlink Your entire inventory in one ad

Liquidus' data-driven banner allows dealers to display all of their inventory in their Internet ad.

  • Your new and used inventory is dynamically streamed into your ad and updated automatically.
  • Each listing has a customized vehicle video including music and human voice over.
  • Run your existing TV spots with in-banner video capability running next to your listings.
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Part Two
We find your prospects

Liquidus can reach 99% of all Internet users. We track visitors to not only your site but those of other major auto shopping sites like and

We push your ad to the web pages we find your prospects on. We follow your prospects for you — wherever they go — continually returning them to your site.

  • 1 Liquidus identifies local, in-market auto shoppers that visit auto websites
  • 2 Liquidus serves your inventory ads ONLY to those auto shoppers on every site we find them on
  • 3 Highly targeted, effective inventory ad drives car shoppers back to your site

Part Three
Lead capture

Your ads link to your custom, mobile-optimized website and Facebook shopping page.

  • We create, host, and maintain a video-rich, dedicated, mobile-optimized website and Facebook inventory shopping page.
  • Your Bannerlink ads drive consumers to your listing-level pages, where they can get detailed information, view a vehicle video, and fill out a lead form.
  • Mobile device detection and optimization is built into all of our products. Our technology adapts the content to the type of device being used, the size of the screen and speed it is connecting to the Internet at.

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